Школа управления ядерными знаниями Россия-МАГАТЭ

27 мая 2020

Источник: МАГАТЭ

5 – 9 Oct 2020
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation


The purpose of the School is to provide specialized education and training for the development and implementation of knowledge management programmes in nuclear organizations.

The School is intended for professionals involved in managing nuclear knowledge and human resource capability in the nuclear sector.

In particular, the objectives are:

  • Raise participants’ awareness of knowledge as a key safety and economic asset in the nuclear sector including the importance of implementing an integrated approach to nuclear knowledge management in their organizations;
  • Review various dimensions of nuclear knowledge management as a key business management tool, including human resources and information management;
  • Train participants on different knowledge management methodologies and practices;
  • Provide participants with an international educational experience and an opportunity for worldwide networking with current and future managers of nuclear knowledge management programmes.

Participants will be made aware and engage in discussions associated with:

  • Nuclear Knowledge Management Fundamentals
  • An Integrated Approach to Nuclear Knowledge Management
  • Nuclear Knowledge Management Tools & Techniques
  • Nuclear Knowledge Management as a Business Management Tool
  • Nuclear Information Management

The school consists of a one-week pre-training online course followed by a one-week residential school that includes presentations, interactive sessions, case studies and group projects. 

Nominations from invited Member States must be submitted to the IAEA through official channels. 

Deadline for applications has been extended to: 30 June 2020.

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